Verizon Wireless intends to increase the price of its grandfathered unlimited mobile data plan by $20 per month to a total of $49.99. The change affects only 1% of Verizon customers, who've held onto these unlimited plans for some time. Verizon doesn't offer unlimited plans to new customers any more, who instead need to purchase mobile data in buckets. Any customer who has an unlimited plan under contract will be able to keep the current pricing until the contract terms are fulfilled; however, the majority of people with unlimited data plans are off contract. The $49.99 includes unlimited data, but not voice/messaging services; those cost extra. 

source: PhoneScoop

Dell And EMC In Merger Talks

From arstechnica:
Dell was taken private in 2013 in a $25 billion leveraged buyout by founder Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake. Even before the buyout, it had been increasingly positioning itself as an enterprise-oriented firm, expanding its server, storage, and security offerings in a bid to move away from the slim margins of the PC business. Merging with some or all of EMC would be consistent with this shift.

source: arstechnica / Wall Street Journal

Now You Can Translate Languages Inside of Apps Thanks to Google Translate Update

To perform a translation of text from within an app, simply highlight the text you want translated, choose which language you would like it translated to, and that’s it. Once selected, the text will then be translated in a pop up window via the Translate app. 
As noted in Google’s post, this feature should work in most applications once updated, unless the developer created a custom text selection behavior. If that’s the case, this feature will not work and the developer will need to implement the standard Android text selection behavior. 
The update is rolling out now to Google Play, so be sure to grab it if you are in fact running Android 6.0 on your device. 
Check out Google’s GIFs below to see it in action.
source: Droid-Life

US Cellular Lowers Prices On Its Data Plans

U.S. Cellular is streamlining and improving its data plan options to meet the wireless needs of consumers and businesses. To further back up its guarantee to beat Verizon and AT&T data plans, the company has lowered the cost of all of its Shared Connect plans and simplified its offerings to provide better value for customers. 

U.S. Cellular now offers data buckets of 1, 3, 6, 10, 12, 15 and 20 GB, plans that have proved popular with consumers and businesses. With the reduced data pricing, the plans provide more high-speed data at lower prices, so customers can feel free to use their iPhone 6s or any other device and not worry about breaking the bank. Current customers are welcome to switch to these new plans. 

source: US Cellular