10 Days to Faster Reading

In the pursuit of improving my reading skills I recently acquired a book titled "10 Days to Faster Reading." It is a great book dedicated to breaking down the faulty reading behaviors taught to us in early childhood. To do this the author provides incremental steps and tools through which you can improve your reading and comprehension. Though I am only on the third chapter it has already inspired me and improved my reading skills.

Day 1. Chapter 1.
Reading Efficiency: 265 wpm
Reading Effectiveness: 90%

Tool of the Day: Reading with an index card pacer.
To use the index card as a pacer place it directly above the line of text you are reading and move it down the page as you read. This allows you to subconsciously read ahead and stops you from re-reading previous material. Additionally, you can use the index card to force yourself to speed up by moving it down the page faster.

Tip of the Day:
Create a chart and make notes of your reading material. If you have publications that you don't read that often or that frequently provide you with no value. Cancel your subscription.

Day 2. Chapter 2.
Reading Efficiency: 345 wpm
Reading Effectiveness: 100%

Tool of the day: The left hand pull.
Place your index finger at the beginning of the line you are reading and slowly move it down the page. This gives your eyes a point to move back to once you are finished reading a line of text.

Tip of the day:
If you are really interested in improving your reading than experiment with many different ideas to find the ones that work for you. In order to do this efficiently use every opportunity you have. So the next time you fire-up your email account to read through your inbox remember that it counts as reading too.