Google's "Continuous Gestures" Patent

A recently published patent filed by Google last year appears to be a new touch gesture invention aimed at helping users better interact with their touch devices. It’s search-based gesture system that is most likely meant to be used in future Android devices. The invention is call “Continuous Gestures" and will allow touch gestures to initiate search functions on every piece of content found on the screen.

According to the patent, the said “Continuous Gestures” will allow users to draw circles on whatever they want to search within the screen by drawing letters. The search function will automatically launch each time the user lifts his or her finger from the screen. Meaning that the users won't have to dig through sub-menus to achieve a easily executed command.

This patent shows that Google is working hard to revolutionize mobile technology by maximizing the touch screen capabilities of their future devices and finding better ways of for use to communicate effeciently with our mobile devices.

Source(s):  Patently Apple