Wireless Streaming For Any HDMI Device

The Nyrius Aries Pro is a wireless HD streaming solution for your laptop, PC, or gaming console, that uses the HDMI port on your device and wirelessly transmits it to your HDTV. The Nyrius Aries Pro comes with a transmitter to plug into your device's HDMI port and a receiver to plug into your HDTV of choice. Both items require power to work, but you can use USB to power the transmitter and either USB or a standard outlet to power the receiver. The transmitter isn't the smallest, but its size may help increase connectivity there by eliminating lag and artifacts. 


  • Stream anything to your  TV as if it were connected directly to your PC
  • Limited to no lag between source and endpoint


  • A bit bulky

If you are looking to eliminate wires without spending a ton of money this streamer may be your best choice on the market today.