Avoid being hacked with these 7 easy steps

Technically, everything that connects to the Internet can get hacked.  But there are several things you can do to protect yourself and your data from an attack.
Here are a few tips that will mitigate the risk of getting your personal data stolen.
1. Be suspicious of emails and triple check who they are coming from. 
2. Check link locations to be sure it is going where you think. Also, avoid short links or use tools like URL X-ray that figure out the real destination before you click it.
3. Never open attachments unless you are very very sure where they came from. 
4. Use two-factor authentication to reduce easy access to your account through password leaks.
5. Use advanced passwords, different passwords per site, and change them frequently. Use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass to manage them all.
6. Be aware of what "the cloud" means. To be safe if you don’t want people to access your information, don’t share it even with a "cloud" storage provider.
7. Never share personal data or sign into any website on public Wi-Fi. This includes hotels and conference centers.